The Levitation III Project

What?: The figure of meditating woman in Yoga position, which touches a ground just at three points - by little toe of one food and by middle finger of each hand. Under the figure there is free space, through which a small child can creep.


How?: The above life size figure will be modeled on the iron-wood construction. Then a plaster mould will be created and a cast will be made of polyester (fibre-glass). Because of its big size the figure will be mounted from a few parts. The colour will be black, eyes will be made from laminate (fibre-glass) too or from glass. The construction will be mounted into concrete using screws (but it is not necessary).


Why?: The statue, situated in the greenery or on the contrary in the industrial area or settlement, will provide an opportunity for children to play there around and with it, they could creep under and climb on the body of the figure to get to the places, where they could feel safe. "Levitating" woman - lightweight figure in a position inspired by old-Indian Yoga position of expiration - means the contrast to aspiration - expansion. Its sensual meaning is reduced to emphasize the meaning of maternity, gentleness and protection - values, which it brings. The phenomenon of relief and immaterial impression expressed by free space under the object could be described by metaphor of the semiopened door which creates a small gap between it and the floor. And this slightly opened door challenges a man to reveal personal and mysterious dimensions of another world. The gap - space under the statue - and almost imperceptible touch symbolize personál tension between the figure and a ground, on which it "stands" (above which it levitates).

Proposal for CowParade Prague

Three projects for CowParade Prague 2004

  1. KarlicCow - equestrian statue of king Carl IV th on Czech cow.
  2. BabicCow with children ("grandmother"Cow) - ironic parody of Gutfreund's sculptural group of grandmother with children.
  3. JosefCow with tomcat Mikeš - paraphrase of Josef Lada

December 2003, digital study.



Angels in the streets of Los Angeles Project

What?: About 20 - 50 small figures of children - small angels, placed in the one of the main avenues of Los Angeles. Small figures of children would be standing, sitting or laying on the sidewalks, around the roads, on the benches or threes…


How?: Fiberglass casts of several types of figures. Figures would be modeled in clay and cast into the silicone moulds followed by creation about 3 - 7 different types of figures in life size painted with flesh tone (pink) color. The figures would be fixed to the ground with screws.


Why?: The invasion of the Czech angels to the City of the angels. Small figures of children can cause (provoke) various impressions and associations, which will be registered (documented) and presented on website. People going around and touching these sculptures (or even damaging them, which would be paradoxical situation of destruction of the angel, somebody, who is very close to a man) can become the part of the piece of work or to create the temporary sculptural group with the angels.