Competition for T. A. Edison Memorial

Project for City project  - Statues for Brno.


BcA. Michal Šmeral and architect Ing. arch. Jan Dluhoš.

Two steel arcs are gate toward to Mahen's Theatre. Tops of arcs luminated in night.


  • documentation to download in pdf here

Competition for Nikola Tesla's Monument

The aim of the competition is to draw up a project plan on artistic design of Nikola Tesla's monument in the parking area of Nikola Tesla's Street, situated between Yugoslav Partisans' Road and Fleming's Square in Prague.


More info is here.

Proposal for relief of Ernst Mach

Proposal for realization of relief of physicist Ernst Mach.


co-author: BcA. Michal Šmeral

location: facade of the castle in Chrlice, Chrlice Square 2, Brno.